Graphic Design

Need help with your business card layout? We can help with that. We don't do logo work, but we can work with your logo and colors to help you come up with a design that reflects your business. Design is charged in 15 minute increments at a rate of $80.00 hour.

Rules of Engagement

All design work must be paid in full prior to any printing beginning.  We send you an estimate based upon the work request. Work must be paid upfront based on estimated time. If design work costs end up exceeding the amount estimated, the designer can ask for a second down payment. If the estimate is under the amount in the down payment, a credit will be given to be applied to a print order.

No files are given to you until all payment is received. Proofs will be sent with a watermark and low resolution for review. A designer will be in touch with you via email within 1 business day of placing your order.  Expect the design process to take 2-4 business days after initial contact. 

You should provide 300 DPI graphics or vector art for logos. Font files should be sent to designer if requested to do so by the designer. We have over 5000 fonts, but we can still occasionally run into fonts we don't have.  If you can't send the file, then we will either make the best substitution possible, or if the font is required, we will purchase the font and pass the cost on to you.

Please provide specific details about your design so design costs stay low. Each time revisions are made to a design expect that it adds at least15 minutes of design work per each request. If changes are needed, please send them all at once and review carefully for accuracy, layout, and design; we are not responsible for typos or layout mistakes if the design has been approved by you. We do our best to catch them, but we miss things so you have to be the final check and approval. Reprints are at your expense.

Colors on your monitor are not a true a representation of how they will look when printed. We make no guarantees about color, and there are variations each time we print due to the nature of printing.

Price Calculator

Total : $20.00