Nexcards Print Shop Tips

Customers new and old really like our new Nexcards Print Shop. How do you get there? Our home page gets you there by clicking the center “Get Started Now” banner. Or, click on any of the card types in the Quality Business Cards section and a blue “Get Started” link will open on the right side below the card details.

Here’s a couple tips to make sure your time is well spent. In the Design Studio (click “Custom Design” or “Template Design”), there is a handy and easy Help section (just click on Help above the card just to the left of “Preview”). This one page help section is a wonder of information where you can find out what that particular button is for.

Also, if you plan to design a card and then log out before buying, you must click “Add to cart and continue” at the bottom of the page after you save your design. Do that and you can pick up your design later where you left off.

Cheers and happy designing!

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